Appraisal Alliance

The Appraiser Alliance program was developed to build a synergetic partnership between Trimavin and our staff of over 10,000 certified appraisers. We believe that this on-going partnership enhances the level of service for lenders by appraisers where it matters most; compliance, coverage, assignment criteria, underwriting review, and quality control.

Whether you’re an appraiser, broker, or loan officer working for a large or small lender we understand the importance behind building an alliance that provides a partner you can rely on, and not just an appraisal management company.

Vendor Relations

Trimavin is currently looking to expand our coverage area in certain territories. We are a National Appraisal Management Company (AMC) utilizing only highly-qualified, tenured, independent real estate appraisers who must meet our standards. You must be a Certified Appraiser in the state you are applying for. All others are submitted through our easy to use online system. Any outstanding appraisals are paid monthly.

Please log in and complete your Trimavin profile with the following information and submit applicable documents.

  • License level: Limited to Certified Appraisers at this time.
  • Include in your Trimavin profile only ZIP codes you consider yourself to be geographically competent. Work order assignments cannot exceed 20 miles from the designated office with exception. Rural appraisers may expand their coverage. An Appraiser filling out a state’s total counties as their coverage area will be excluded from consideration.
  • Proof of E&O Insurance. Submission of a resume is highly preferred.

Appraiser Payment Process

Trimavin generates a payment process that allows our appraisers to get paid almost immediately after the appraisal is complete and submitted. This allows our appraisers to focus on the business at hand without having to worry about getting paid.


Appraiser Staff Benefits

  • Guaranteed Bi-weekly Paychecks
  • Monthly Expense Account
  • Trimavin will pay for ACI or a la mode software
  • Trimavin will pay for Errors & Omissions insurance
  • Trimavin will pay for USPAP training and continuing education
  • Trimavin will pay for license renewal and medical insurance benefit programs
  • Health, dental, vision and workers’ compensation insurance
  • Flexible spending account available for health care and dependent care
  • Proactive marketing team that develops new client and business relationships
  • Quality control appraisal advice and status support available Monday – Friday 7 a.m. –7 p.m. PST.
  • 401(k) retirement savings plan