Value Management Solutions

Trimavin realizes that to utilize the benefits of the cloud, you must be willing to entrust your cloud provider with one of your most valuable assets – your data. That is why we’ve stepped up and partnered with Microsoft Azure. We’ve invested in a foundational technology that builds security and privacy into the development process.

Solutions for Originators

Utilizing leading edge technology that supports the loan origination process is how Trimavin has become one of the top AMC’s in the country.  Our solutions are based on creating a reliable source of services, providing the best turn times in every major market, and using only the highest quality appraisers in all 50 states.  We provide a single point of contact client services team, and an easy-to-deploy, automated way to manage appraisals without increasing cost.

Solutions for Servicers

Understanding what loan services and investors need to optimize portfolio oversight is how we separate ourselves from other AMC’s.  By utilizing leading edge technology and an array of valuation products we offer solutions which guarantee competitive fees, and the best turn times on large pools of loans.   We provide a single point of contact client services team, and an easy-to-deploy, automated way to manage portfolio valuations without increasing cost.


Compliance – Risk Management Solutions

By utilizing next-generation technology to actively engage the appropriate appraiser for each work order we ensure full compliance, status updates, audit trails and more.  In today’s highly regulated mortgage environment maintaining full compliance is critical to lenders and servicers.  To protect our clients we are constantly calibrating our compliance and risk management processes with all current national and state standards of appraiser independence as established by AIR, Dodd Frank, FHA, TIL, HERA, HOEPA, FNMC, and FHLMC.

Security & Privacy Embedded Into Azure’s Development

  • Scalability: supporting future growth
  • Security: we work to keep your data safe
  • Privacy: we own and control our customers’ data
  • Transparency: we know how your data is stored and accessed
  • Compliance: we conform to global standards
  • Flexibility: user interface and workflow
  • Recovery: world-class disaster recovery and business continuity