Appraisal Services

Trimavin is a National Appraisal Management Company offering high quality appraisal services. TriMavin assigns only highly qualified tenured independent real estate appraisers that must meet our high standards as well as those implemented by each of the 50 states and corresponding counties in which they operate.

  • Multi-AMC Strategies: Optimize lender oversight, appraisal experience and AMC service delivery
  • FNMA CU: Analytics assessment and strategic consulting
  • Appraisal Products: Full array of appraisal products for various property types

There is nothing more critical to TriMavin than delivering quality appraisal services to our clients and as soon as possible. Lenders can be assured that TriMavin is committed to the continuous improvement of appraisal turn times by taking advantage of new efficient technologies, re-engineering processes, and incentivizing appraisers who will help us reach our goals. The result leads to increased confidence that a lenders loan will be funded on time.

There are many ways to measure appraisal turn time including when the order is placed, when the order is assigned, when the report was received, calendar days, business days and many more. TriMavin breaks each area down to the zip code to monitor SLA’s and study these metrics to know where improvement is possible regarding speed and efficiency.

At Trimavin we measure turn time from order placement by the client to report delivery to the client, which includes all hold time. One way of looking at turn time is to break it down into three basic components; Assignment Time – how long it takes us from receipt of order to acceptance by an appraiser. Appraiser Turn Time – how long it takes the appraiser to return a completed report to us from the time he or she accepted it. Quality Control Time (QC) – how long it takes us to QC the file, address any revisions and deliver the final report back to the client. These three basic components, if measured correctly will provide the best indication of our performance in these areas.

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