Appraisal Management Services

The valuation of a property is more than just an amount expressed in dollars. It is an essential piece of information that has profound implications for lenders and brokers. Trimavin was founded to provide financial institutions and real estate professionals accurate and sound valuations of property delivered by seasoned professionals through a meticulous process. Our management team has over 25 years of field experience in appraising and managing the process of appraising real estate. That long history of success is combined with a commitment to customer service and the careful selection of staff which creates an uncommon appraisal practice. Our continued growth and success is a testament to our commitment to both our process and our clients.

Current lending standards are more rigorous than ever. The regulations imposed by the Home Valuation Code of Conduct (HVCC) are ever more stringent as well. All totaled, it requires lenders and brokers to demand the very best, most accurate appraisal process possible. We’re committed to providing the highest caliber of valuation services to ensure our clients have access to the information they need to perform at their peak.

We satisfy these needs by employing only the best, most experienced staff who themselves are bound by industry best practices. From measuring a property accurately to researching the latest and most comparable sales data available, our field professionals deliver a quality of information achievable only through stringent standards.

In our long history as valuation professionals, we’ve seen clients of some AMCs get lost in the shuffle of an impersonal process and cookie-cutter services. Trimavin’s approach is the opposite: from our first contact with a new client to the presentation of our final appraisal, our customers’ experience an unparalleled level of personal attention.

And while accurate appraisals are paramount in our business, so too is an efficient and timely process. Thanks to our experience, we can complete appraisals that are both precise and swift.