Trimavin is a excellent lender AMC partner. Their team is professional, courteous and always willing to help. I can trust that all of my orders are treated with the same importance I give my customers. Any lenders looking for a solid AMC and lender partner needs to look into Trimavin.


We have been very pleased with the turn times and high level of service provided by our Trimavin LLC partners. Calls and/or emails are returned quickly and with up to date information that enable us to be proactive with our clients. Customer Service is obviously as important to them as it is to us. Thank you!


Trimavin is an excellent AMC. Their system is very user friendly and they keep you updated as to assignments, inspections, eta’s., etc. If you are looking for an AMC, I recommend Trimavin as their customer service is of the utmost importance to them which is extremely important.


As a Mortgage Loan Originator we must adhere to the rules of FIRREA when dealing with appraisal issues of any type. This means that our contacts and concerns are required to go through an appraisal management company, like Trimavin. The Originators are under tremendous time constraints which are not necessarily under their control, although we are held responsible for the transaction timeline. I have found that having an AMC that is responsive to our needs is extremely important in keeping the lines of communication open between the Realtors, their clients, and the Title Companies. When working with Trimavin, I can rest assured that their Client Services Department will make things happen by getting accurate, realistic clear information along with the timeline expectations to my staff that can be shared with all parties of the transaction in order to keep everyone able to plan accordingly. This is an invaluable service and greatly appreciated. Thank you Trimavin!


Excellent fast and friendly service! We use Trimavin quite a bit and they know how to treat their customers! Highly recommend their service to anyone looking to get an appraisal done!