At TriMavin, we offer a full array of residential appraisal products. From Conventional to FHA and USDA including condominiums, manufactured, income and multifamily, our panel of seasoned appraisers are ready to handle any residential valuation product.
We have also recently added the following alternative valuation products:

FNMA Value Acceptance + Property Data (PDC)

Value acceptance + property data is a new option that utilizes property data collection by a third party who conducts interior and exterior data collection on the subject property. The property data collection is used by the lender to confirm property eligibility, and an appraisal is not required.

FHLMC Property Data Report (PDR)

A Freddie Mac property data report is an overview of a single-family home's characteristics, layout, condition, and other relevant information. The report data is collected on site by trained professionals and submitted using a proprietary Freddie Mac Dataset.

Automation Valuation Model (AVM)

An automated valuation model (AVM) is a software-based tool that's used in residential and commercial real estate to determine property value. The service uses mathematical or statistical modeling with a combination of existing databases to determine the value of a particular property.
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